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John's career in the appliance industry began in the late seventies and continues today. He worked as a service technician for a major department store in the eighties before going out on his own in 1990 where his job involved everything from cleaning, servicing, selling, delivering and installing appliances.

Early in John's career he started to see a lot of repetitive, preventable problems that could have easily been avoided. His personal customers benefited from his short and friendly lectures during service calls in their home, but he felt that he could help a lot more people. John's concern for the environment and genuine caring for his customers led him to pen his first book "If It Ain't Broke, You Won't Have To Fix It". The great response from the public and the media led to this revised and expanded edition under the new title "Appliance Sense".

John's goal is to help the everyday consumer become informed about the proper use and care of major household appliances. "People know that they need to maintain their automobiles, but rarely give their appliances a second thought, until they break down." John is still active within the industry. He owns and operates Appliance Help Inc., a Service and Installation company in Perth & Smiths Falls, Ontario. He is also currently working on a video series detailing common problems and simple do-it-yourself repairs.

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